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I use cookies in order to improve performance and user experience of my website You can find out more about cookies and how to control them in the information below.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small files that store information in your browser and are commonly used to distinguish individual users. However, the user’s person is not identifiable on the basis of this information. We distinguish two broad categories of cookies.

First-party cookies are cookies set by the website you’re visiting. Only that website can read them. In addition, a website might potentially use external services, which also set their own cookies, known as third-party cookies.

Persistent cookies are cookies saved on your computer and that are not deleted automatically when you quit your browser, unlike a session cookie, which is deleted when you quit your browser.

What cookies does my website use?

Functional or technical cookies
These necessary cookies ensure the correct loading and function of the website. The use of cookies does not require the user’s consent.






This cookie records the user’s language preferences. First-party cookies.


Marketing cookies
The use of these cookies is used to target advertising to users. They can be used to show ads tailored to the user and their preferences, both on this site and on partner sites. The use of these cookies requires your consent.





2 years

This cookie is used by Google Analytics and is used to measure traffic. Third-party cookie.


2 years

Cookie installed via Google Analytics. Third-party cookie.


2 years

This cookie is used by YouTube to store embedded videos and is used to obtain anonymized statistics. Third-party cookie.


How can you change or withdraw a cookie consent?

You can change or cancel your consent to the using of cookies at any time via the “Edit settings” tab at the bottom of the main page of my website.

Blocking of some cookies may affect the non-proper functioning of our website – it is specifically about displaying videos that are loaded from Youtube.

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