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Monika kavanová

Mentor & Coach & Consultant

Find the way to rediscover and fulfil your mission and reach success for you and your organisation. I can help.

New Business Balance

I am a mentor, coach, consultant and Managing Partner at New Business Balance.

As it says in the name, “New Business Balance”, I believe in the importance of balancing the needs of the people and those of the companies and markets. Both the current ones and the future ones. Happy, creative and successful people at work build productive organisations that thrive in the market. What you need is some respect, humour, and strong vision. And also a sense of partnership, the right processes set up, a strong innovative culture and a bit of enthusiasm.

My approach has three main pillars:

People and their needs

Smooth processes that support efficiency

Realistic, smart and motivating goals



Find a new perspective in your situation. Identify your own needs and name the main problems so you can find a way around them. Suddenly, new solutions will arise, and you will be able to see brand new ways forward.

Are you eager to dive into new projects but are missing some energy, support and push? That´s what you will get, along with understanding and realisations of your own strengths. And then you will learn how to use them to move forward and further develop.

All the tools and skills you get can be used in any future situations that ask for a new direction or solution.


Together, we define goals and select the appropriate business model. We plan out processes and design ways to increase your employee engagement.

I am a seasoned manager, my know-how includes experience in large international organizations and also being a business owner and a consultant.

With my 25 years of experience, you will not only get a lot of suggestions for solutions but also access to a valuable network of experts in various fields.


Mentoring and coaching


Not sure what to do next?

Starting a management position and need some boost?

Need support in dealing with some particular work issues?

Want to find your true mission or change your career?

I will help you find the energy for change. I will listen and support you in defining your own goals. I will share my experience, knowledge and tools to help you find the right solution or direction. Together, we will look at the situations from different points of view having the big picture in mind. You will also get access to the wide international business network.

Business consultation


How to maintain the company prosperity these days?

How to keep key employees?

Unclear future – how to best prepare my organization for it?

Brilliant idea – how to best implement it?

How to start and stabilize your start-up?

 Together, we determine goals, customers and target groups. We will set up a functioning business model, right processes and prepare a new strategy. We will fine-tune the communication plan on how to get all employees on board. Results can be achieved only by balancing rightly set processes and motivated, prepared and engaged employees and colleagues.

Development workshops


Want to improve the knowledge and skills of your people?

Need to motivate your team and pump all people full of energy?

Struggling with reaching full potential or some specific goals and objectives?

Want to smooth the way for a change with your team?

Based on the goal you choose, we will define the needs of team development. We will set up the steps and key topics. I can personally help with: Communication; Team-work; Self-development; Creativity; Utilization of values and Sales skills. Supported by my wide professional network we can provide development on many other topics as well.


I am a life optimist with a sense of humour. My head is in the clouds but my feet are firmly grounded. I enjoy supporting others in finding confidence, energy and strength to materialise their change.

Various methods of mentoring and coaching give me a better chance to find a solution to many situations and problems. I always find out the specific capabilities, needs and challenges of each individual client. I can help you understand where your strengths are and how you can fully utilize your potential. You can move forward with help of recommended tools and techniques. I can give you the energy, desire and confidence for finding new ways, creating a vision and reaching your goals. By using stories, comparisons and other methods we will find new ways, visions and solutions to your challenges.

I can provide mentoring, coaching, consultancy and workshops both in the Czech language and English.

I am always trying to merge different points of view when looking at a problem.

My life and work experience allow me to have an overview of various situations, see them in context and understand them. To enrich our cooperation I can offer 3 perspectives.


I have more than 20 years of experience in international management positions both in the Czech Republic and abroad, for example in large IT companies such as Oracle, Microsoft and SAP.


I was the founder and co-owner of the consulting company Sales2Win for 5 years. My husband and I have established Statek Břežany more than ten years ago, it is still successfully operational. I currently run my own consulting company New Business Balance.


For more than 10 years I provide training and consultancy for various organizations that differ in size and area of operation.


Michaela (Kubicová) Skala

Průvodce světem technologií Apple, koordinátorka IT portfolia,  CEO

With appropriately chosen questions, Monika Kavanová systematically moved me in my work and personal life. She taught me how to find my way in new environments, to trust my instincts and judgment. Better communicate my thoughts, listen, think about how to express myself so that my ideas are accepted. Choose my battles. Also, that everything has its time and it doesn’t have to be done NOW AND THIS WAY. After a twelve session with Monika for one year, I feel more whole, more confident, and less hasty. She is just the best mentor I would ever dream of or wish for. Thank you, Monika, for every your word.


Monika Jindrová

Ředitelka Asociace veřejně prospěšných organizací ČR

Děkuji Monice za podporu Asociace veřejně prospěšných organizací ČR. Motivuje a inspiruje nás několik let. Své zkušenosti nezištně předává také našim členským organizacím. Naposledy jsme se na setkání ředitelů věnovali krizovému řízení a managementu změn – téma v této době více než aktuální. Děkuji za skvělou prezentaci a předání zkušeností nejen za sebe, ale také za všechny přítomné. Pokud hledáte mentora, kouče, poradce na problematiku managementu, řízení, lidské zdroje – doporučuji Moniku, má zkušenosti z businessu i nezisku 🙂


Suzanna Phillips

EMEA Senior Legal Counsel, Zendesk

Monika has acted as my mentor for the last year via a ‘Women in Leadership’ course run through my company, Zendesk. Monika has a wealth of experience which she has been generous enough to share and I have found our sessions invaluable. Monika is compassionate, professional and a brilliant strategist; she has really invested in my professional development, taking the time to coach me before important events. She has enjoyed hearing about my successes but also helps me navigate through more challenging opportunities, with encouragement, great humour and sound advice. I am so grateful for her time, patience and guidance; this experience has been life-changing.


Petr Rosol

Future Worksplace, Team Lead,  SoftwareOne Czech Republic

I know Monika for a long time and I trust her, so I asked her for help. Thanks to her mentoring, I was able to get the necessary insight and confidence to achieve what I wanted. Thanks Monika for your insight and the energy you gave me.


Michaela Lutišanová

Oblastní ředitelka,  NADĚJE, oblast Litoměřice

Za sebe za workshop děkuji, odnesla jsem si několik praktických podnětů, které proberu na naší oblastní poradě a domluvíme se, jak je uvedeme do praxe. Zároveň si dávám pozor na to, abych zachovala „hlavu v pohodě“.


Ľudmila Kloudová

Marketing Manager

Monika was my mentor through mentoring initiative of Minerva in 2018/2019. She helped me during hard time to gain back my self confidence. She is very perceptive and experienced and I am glad I could learn from her some techniques and soft skills which have made my life better.



Evgeni Drobkov

Co-Founder at Smart4B group, Reported directly to Monika

Exceptional interpersonal skills and strategic thinking, along with goal-oriented activity are best to describe Monica’s qualities as professional and colleague. I would strongly recommend her for any position that requires people management skills and IT knowledge based involvement.




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"Everything is possible, but to make some dreams happen might take more effort."

Monika Kavanová

Ing. Monika Kavanová, Ph.D.


+420 603 884 490


Slánská 381/10, 163 00 Prague 6

PIN 74998129, VAT number CZ6557120900